About Sorona Innovation

Sorona Innovation, founded in 1995, is a privately held company specialized in document management. Ever since the start the company has been showing solid revenue growth and during the years we have had the pleasure to work with a number of interesting clients such as AstraZeneca, Bombardier, Danfoss and Gambro. Our headquarter is located in southern Sweden in the city of Lund, only 30 km from Copenhagen.

The common denominator among our clients is that they all have to rely on systems that efficiently allow them to create, manage and publish information complying with complex internal and external requirements and at the same time support a rational and cost-effective process.

Our client relations are based on our extensive knowledge and experience from document management. Using established standards, products and methodologies we work with our clients in a relationship that is characterized by a common understanding, project efficiency, and client satisfaction.

We provide a wide range of services within the document management area, starting from analysis, design, integration and implementation to maintenance and application management.

Welcome to Sorona Innovation!

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